SAPRK Photo Festival

The SPARK Photo Festival is a celebration of photography, and the artists, dreamers, innovators, storytellers, professionals and enthusiasts behind the camera lens. Every year, the month of April marks the arrival of numerous photographic exhibits and artists, in locations throughout the Northumberland, Peterborough, and the Kawartha Lakes regions. Technical workshops, lectures, talks, films, and other related photographic events and activities take place year-round as well as during the festival. The 5th annual festival is scheduled for April 1 to April 30, 2017.

This year there are 28 individual exhibits and 26 group exhibits. Two Quinte Photo Club members have exhibits in Campbellford. 

  • Lori Gillespie – Snapshots Photo & Video (reception Saturday, April 8 from 10 am to 2 pm)
  • Mike Gaudaur – Bennett’s Furniture (reception Saturday, April 8 from 11 am to 4 pm)

Click here for a complete listing of all the exhibits.

March Meeting Summary

We had another full house at the March meeting. Thanks to all who attended – even if they couldn’t stay all the way to the end.


A huge thank you goes out to Judith Bain who revealed her technique for creating beautiful works of art out of what seemed like fairly blah RAW files. Judith mentioned that she uses NIK software like Color Efex and Silver Efex to get the results she showed us. Here is a link to the Google NIK page where you can download the suite for FREE:


Next month Douglas Banks will be on-site to clean our camera sensors. The cost is $20 and must be paid in cash when you sign in your camera. He will will work at cleaning during our meeting and return cameras at the end of the evening.


Next month’s theme is “What doesn’t belong?”. Be sure to upload your images to our website and the Quinte Photography Club Facebook page.

March Meeting

Next meeting Thursday, March 9, 2017

Loyalist College, Pioneer Building, Room P24

1. Special Speaker

Judith Bain


Judith is a multiple award winning photographer. She takes a very creative approach to her photography. Her images are as much works of art as they are photographs. At our next meeting Judith is going to take us behind the scene to see her creative process from RAW capture through image editing and ultimately to the framed finished print.

To view photos from from Judith’s web gallery:   Judith’s website gallery

2. Break

3. Theme Image Critique

We will finish the evening sharing and critiquing our monthly theme images.

This month’s theme: Black & White

You can upload your images to our theme gallery on this website, or bring them in on a USB memory stick. Please refine your image selection down to your best two images.

February Meeting

Next meeting Thursday, February 9, 2017

Loyalist College, Pioneer Building, Room P24

1. Special Speakers

Clint & Susan Guy

Clint and Susan are an outdoors couple who both enjoy photography, camping, canoeing, hiking and biking.

Clint has been involved in both video and photographic mediums since he was 14, when he set up his first B&W darkroom.  Susan started taking pictures 5-6 years ago. Their focus is wildlife and landscape photography, although Clint enjoys dabbling in HDR, macro and portraiture.

They love Ontario’s Provincial Parks and have visited over 60 in the last 5 years.  Last year they did the Lake Superior Circle Tour which included 14 Provincial Parks, 2 National parks and a number of private campgrounds.  Finishing off their 3 month plus trip with 10 days at Algonquin Provincial Park, their favorite of all Provincial Parks where they spend anywhere from 2-8 weeks a year.  

They take their camera equipment with them in bike bags, their canoe or back packs exploring each park seeking out different venues of photographic opportunities.

To view photos from Clint and Susan’s many adventures go to their web site:

Susan enjoys creating photo books using Blurb and is currently working on an Adventure blog.

2. Break

3. Theme Image Critique

We will finish the evening sharing and critiquing our monthly theme images.

This month’s theme: couples (this can a any two things that form a couple)

You can upload your images to our theme gallery on this website, or bring them in on a USB memory stick. Please refine your image selection down to your best two images.


If bad weather becomes an issue and we need to cancel a meeting I will post a notice on the homepage of this website and all subscribers should automatically receive an email notification as well.

January 2017 Meeting

Next meeting Thursday, January 12, 2017

Loyalist College, Pioneer Building, Room P24

1. Special Guest Speaker

Lola Reid Allin

Topic- Into Kalimantan – (no one has seen these photos; this is a brand new presentation)

Lola is a very dynamic speaker and she has amassed a wonderful collection of compelling images. Here is a little bit of Lola’s background:

Airline Transport Pilot -Dive Master -Activist -Adventurer – Photographer – Mayanist  

My varied careers reflect my curiosity about our world. As an airline pilot I accumulated nearly 6000 hours flight time. I studied psychology, genetics, & anthropology (BA Psychology, University of Waterloo). While living in Mexico, I worked as a SCUBA dive master, sold my watercolor paintings to travelers, and conducted weekly lecture/photo travelogues.

My photographs have received numerous Jurors’ Choice and Honors Awards. My published essays & photographs chronicle volunteer work in Guatemala & Kenya (teaching), Kenya & Honduras (medical missions), and Guatemala (seniors’ companion). The National Post, The Globe & Mail, The Toronto Star, The Rotarian Magazine, National Geographic, and The Smithsonian have published my images and articles.    I am a Rotarian.


  • Santa Fe Centre for Photography TRAVELS Contest 2015: Honors
  • RMG Exposed Juried Show McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa: 2013 – 2016 
  • Best Photojournalism/Documentary Image @ RMG Exposed 2016 – Recipient of Portfolio Review by Stephen Bulger Gallery Toronto  
  • The Rotarian: Annual Photo Contest: 2013 – 2015
  • QAC Expressions:  2013 Honors, 2015 (Biannual Juried Show)
  • Belleville Art Association Annual Juried Show (Honors; Best Use of Light; Best in Show
  • Parrott Art Gallery: 2014, 2016 (Biannual Juried Show)
  • CLiC Annual Juried Show – Since inception 2010 (Honors, Best in Show B&W)

Check out Lola’s website  and her Blog

2. Cropping Tutorial

After the break we will finish Mike lesson on the how’s and why’s of cropping.

3. Theme Image Critique

We will finish the evening sharing and critiquing our monthly theme images.

This month’s theme: weather

You can upload your images to our gallery on this website, or bring them in on a USB memory stick. Please refine your image selection down to your best two images.


If bad weather becomes an issue and we need to cancel a meeting I will post a notice on the homepage of this website and all subscribers should automatically receive an email notification as well.


December 2017 Meeting Wrap-up

Presentation – Favourite Gear & Gadgets from Japan Camera

Jeff Evoy – distributed a free magazine to all members called
Photo News – members can get this magazine in the mail

Jeff dazzled us with many gadgets and gear which can be purchased in
his store.

□ Mono Pods & knuckles
□ Ipad mounts for tripod
□ Plastic bags which go over lens to protect camera from elements
□ Flash cover to focus flash beam
□ Cheaters – Popper flash to lighten dark spaces in a room and sockets
□ Light balance kits – soft box
□ Flash clamps – to bolt to trees, etc.
□ Adapter cord for flash to camera so flash communicates with camera without being attached
□ Radio Remote for flash – various prices, up to 120 feet away
□ Camera remote controls with timers
□ Releases with 8 foot extention
□ Macro Extension Tubes – set of 3
□ Harness Rigs – double and single
□ Grip Straps
□ Cleaning clothes and kits.

For Video

□ Pho Cam Stabilizer
□ Action Cams
□ Battery Reserves
□ Video Cam – HD Sunglasses – 1 hour of video or does stills
Other Gadgets

□ Binoculars
□ Calibrators for Screen and Printers
□ Macro Ring Light
□ Pop Up Reflectors
□ Gadget Bags
□ Swatches of colours for back grounds in studios

These items can be purchased online or in the store at Bell Front Centre

Jeff also informed us about classes they are offering

– Basic 1
– Basic 2
– seminars which will be starting in January

Japan Camera website

Our Members Favourite Gadgets and Gear

Clint – showed us
– a harness from Field and Stream which goes over the
– his mini tripod
– a Lowpro Bag

Harry – showed us some home made gadgets
– a frame for a diffusion panel made for plumbing pipes
and elbows and clamps
– a pool noodle with a slit down the side which will fit over
a car window to make an instant tripod
– a camera bracket with can be attached to a paint brush
pole for extension

Great Ideas, Guys!!!

Festive Feast

Our many thanks to all the members who brought delicious treats for us to munch on. Our members enjoyed them as we traded, sold and bought,
to and from other members who had set up tables with their extra gear.

The evening ended with Mike displaying the photos for our theme
Unusual Lighting. Critiques were appreciated.


Happy New Years to all and in 2017 may you take
may pictures, always have a full battery, an extra
memory card and a bright flash.

December Meeting – Gear, Gadgets and Goodies

Join us Thursday, December 8th for an evening of gear, gadgets, and goodies.

Gear and Gadgets – new stuff


Jeff from Japan Camera Belleville will be showing us some of his favourite gear and gadgets from his store. This will be a great opportunity for you to work on your Christmas wish list or even buy yourself an early Christmas gift. Jeff will also let us know the special services he can offer to local photographers.

Gear and Gadgets – favourite stuff


Members are encouraged to bring in their favourite gear and gadgets for a time of show and tell. If you have discovered an amazing ‘bit of kit’ that makes photography better for you please bring it in and share your insights with us all.

Gear and Gadgets – used stuff

Do you have old gear floating around?


Bring in any used gear you no longer have use for. It might just be what somebody else is looking for. We will have tables set up for you to sell and/or trade your used gear and photo paraphernalia.


We don’t usually provide opportunities for you to spend money, but you might want to consider padding your wallet and bringing your chequebook. Jeff will have a special selection of new gear with him to sell. Members will have their used gear yard sale items. And, of course, you could pay your membership dues if you haven’t looked after that yet ($20).



Our December meeting traditionally includes a table laden with delectable sweets. Please bring in a plate of  goodies to share. A few savoury items might be nice too. This should all be finger food. Please avoid things that could make a mess. Tim Horton’s coffee (decaf and regular), steeped tea, and bottled water will be provided. 


November Meeting Wrap-up

Our November meeting was jam packed with useful information. We had 47 people in attendance!

Presentation – Special Speaker – Tim Blodgett



Tim came well prepared to share with us about how the law relates to photography.


  • Personal Property
  • Real Property
  • Intellectual Property – The Charter of Rights now protects intellectual property like digital images


who has ownership of an image?

  • before 2011 – pictures belong to person who pays for it
  • after 2011 – property of photographer


refers to the rights to produce, reproduce, sell or license

  • automatically belongs to the creator (photographer)
  • starts when you take the picture
  • ends 50 years after death
  • to identify your copyright “© person’s name, year taken”


when someone breaches copyright they may face

  • civil liability
  • financial penalties
  • jail


their moral rights – these cannot be licensed or assigned

  • is there a reasonable expectation of privacy?
  • does the image misrepresent them?
  • does the image violate their integrity?


A model release is a contract that falls under Common Law. To be valid it must have:

  1. Offer
  2. Acceptance
  3. Consideration (payment or compensation)

It can be written or oral.


Facebook terms are in privacy and application settings

  • permission to display but not sell
  • protecting other peoples rights
  • agreed not to break copyright law


  • Privacy – right of privacy – yes or no?
    • if in public, you can take picture
  • If selling the picture, you should get a Model Release signed
  • If for artistic purposes, no Model Release needed

Thank you Tim for all the useful information and answering our questions

Presentation and Tutorial

  • Cropping

Photo Critique of members pictures for October ThemeQS_5433_4_5_by_Mike_Gaudaur

Website Update

  • Website is functional and needs our pics.
  • sign in will be on the right side of the page
    • when you have signed in you will be sent a link through email
  • on website you will be able to upload pictures for the monthly themes to Gallery
    • image security
      • download is disabled
      • resolution is low – 1440 pixels wide

November Theme

  • Unusual Lighting (not daylight or flash)