February 2020 Meeting

Next Meeting Thursday February 13, 2020

Loyalist College Pioneer building room P13

7:30 – 9:30

Guest Presenter

Learning to see

a photographic journey

Raymond Vos

Everyone has a different motive for taking photographs. Some people simply want to record their lives and preserve memories. Others take an artistic approach and want to capture what they are seeing. And some want to tell a story or convey a message. In this particular presentation I want to tell my story of my involvement with my Kenya charity: The Kenya Initiative: From Street To School through my photography. I want to share how my photography has both helped convey my own experience in Kenya and how that experience has pushed me to become a better photographer. I use my Kenya photos for presentations at schools, churches and even Photography clubs! I have regular displays of my Kenya photos at restaurants in Kingston and in my own Art Gallery. There is a supreme satisfaction of selling a framed photo and also knowing that the money will allow Kenyan students to continue their studies in Primary school, High School, College, and University. Photography for me not only tells a story, but makes a story. It makes a story happen in someone’s life!

Monthly Theme

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