March 2020 Meeting

Next Meeting Thursday March 12, 2020

Loyalist College Pioneer building room P13

7:30 – 9:30

Guest Presenter: Donna Edmonds

Contemplative Photography

Some of you may remember Donna from her presentation last year called Finding My Photography Style. 

Donna is a mostly self-taught photographer and a very motivated learner. She describes herself as a sponge for knowledge in photography and life in general. She also very much enjoys teaching and doing presentations in the hope of encouraging and inspiring others to keep shooting, learning and enjoying their own photography.

Tonight Donna is going to speak to us on the topic of Contemplative Photography which is essentially about the art of seeing and photographing what the visual world has to offer us. She is also going to speak about visualization and how when we begin with seeing what we normally wouldn’t see as we travel through our everyday lives, we can then become more perceptive and aware of the world in terms of photographic images.

“My goal for my presentations is to entertain, inform and inspire fellow photographers in a format that I know will appeal to all skill levels. I am passionate about encouraging and inspiring photographers, especially those who may be feeling uninspired, discouraged or that they think that they cannot produce good photographs from their everyday lives and the world they live in. My Contemplative Photography presentation is not about showing you my “best” photos but about how you can enjoy the process of photographing anything, anytime, anywhere.”

Monthly Theme

This month our theme is “Pictures that tell a story. Don’t worry if you see an error message after the upload. It is just a glitch on the website that we can’t seem to get rid of.