October 2018 Meeting

Next meeting Thursday, October 11, 2018

Loyalist College, Pioneer Building, Room P13 


Special Guest Speaker: Donna Edmonds 


All Lines Lead to Here

A one hour presentation on finding my photography style.

My interests are in both the creative and the technical aspects of photography. The unpredictability of the subject and light and the necessity to adapt the camera to the moment in every shoot is what keeps my active mind engaged.

Landscape, architecture, and anything with distinct shapes and colours seem to always be in my field of view. Lines and angles, reflections and symmetry, capture my interest first and if something a little quirky is thrown in all the better. The majority of my photos are within a two hour drive of my home. A lot of my images are of places that I am very familiar with but because of lighting and timing will never been seen or captured the same way again.

I will be speaking about how I continue to develop my photographic style and on researching, planning and executing many of my shots. I hope to inspire and entertain you with photos and stories of how and why I took many of my photos and to bring you along in my never ending photography journey.

Photography Exhibition

Our theme this month is “Green” and the image upload album is open.

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