November Meeting

Our next club meeting is Thursday, November 10th.

Guest Speaker

Tim Blodgett | Practicing Partner | Curlette & Blodgett | Licensed Paralegal

Here is what Tim has planned for us:

I am being constantly asked about the law and how it applies to photography. There is a plethora of information out there but much of it can be interpreted incorrectly, or leaves people with more questions then when they started. 

I will speak to a few issues in law and photography for general information. Standard things like where you can and cannot take photos, and breaking down issues such as the reasonable expectation of privacy and how that relates to photography. I will also be open to taking any general questions that persons may have. However I will be unable to answer any specific issues (i.e. Specific contract issues, or specific issues of performance) and as I am not a lawyer, I will not be able to advise beyond the scope of my practice but will be happy to field questions and topic within my area of expertise. 


Improving your images using creative cropping techniques.

Mike Gaudaur will explain the theory behind cropping and show you how to use it to remove distractions and increase the impact of your images. You will see some of the powerful and helpful cropping tools built in to both Photoshop and Lightroom. 

Monthly Theme Challenge

deterioration |dəˌtirēəˈrāSH(ə)n


the process of becoming progressively worse


Members are encouraged to bring their theme challenge images on a USB drive or memory card so that we can project them on the big screen and talk about them as a group. This is meant to be a forum for trying new things, sharing your images, and learning about potential routes to improvement. It is meant to be informal, fun, and helpful, so bring along two or three images.


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