October Meeting Wrapup

Meeting Agenda

  1. Presentation – Special Speaker – Mark Hopper
  2. Break
  3. Images for Theme simplify
  4. List of themes for the year.
  5. Website, Facebook, upcoming speakers

Mark Hopper


Mark gave a wonderful presentation of pictures from the local area including:

  • Rossmore Boat Launch
  • Meyer’s Pier
  • Trent Marina
  • Quinte Isle Campground
  • Bakers Island
  • Bayside Sewage
  • St James On The Bay
  • Wallbridge Railway Crossing
  • High Falls, Bancroft
  • Rowing Club
  • Jackson Falls
  • Raptor Conservatory
  • Amherstview Island
  • Spring Lake, Bancroft
  • Wineries in County
  • Potter’s Creek
  • Chisholms Mills
  • Wellington Beach
  • Turtle Pond at water front
  • Bird’s Creek, BancroftBeaver Creek

Following presentation Mark answered our questions. We learned the following:

  • Shoot from different levels
  • Set F-stop to F11 to F16 to get a starburst 
  • Use HDR for detail in shadows
  • Look Behind You
  • Revisit site for different pictures each time
  • Join the Canadian Geographic Photo Group on Facebook

Here is a link to Mark’s Facebook page.

After break, we continued with challenge discussion, critiquing and describing how each picture was simplified.

  • using shallow depth of field to create a soft boka  
  • silhouette to reduce the number of tones in the image
  • reducing distractions that draw our eyes to brightest part of photo, areas of high contrast, and extraneous items in sharp focus

Discussion of rule of thirds, golden mean spiral, mirror.

Discussion about website – new page from clean slate, interaction with members. The site should be ready by next meeting. To subscribe enter name and email. Be sure to click on the link in the confirmation email in order to complete your subscription. Eventually all club communication will be managed by the website subscription list. So be sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss out!

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