December Meeting – Gear, Gadgets and Goodies

Join us Thursday, December 8th for an evening of gear, gadgets, and goodies.

Gear and Gadgets – new stuff


Jeff from Japan Camera Belleville will be showing us some of his favourite gear and gadgets from his store. This will be a great opportunity for you to work on your Christmas wish list or even buy yourself an early Christmas gift. Jeff will also let us know the special services he can offer to local photographers.

Gear and Gadgets – favourite stuff


Members are encouraged to bring in their favourite gear and gadgets for a time of show and tell. If you have discovered an amazing ‘bit of kit’ that makes photography better for you please bring it in and share your insights with us all.

Gear and Gadgets – used stuff

Do you have old gear floating around?


Bring in any used gear you no longer have use for. It might just be what somebody else is looking for. We will have tables set up for you to sell and/or trade your used gear and photo paraphernalia.


We don’t usually provide opportunities for you to spend money, but you might want to consider padding your wallet and bringing your chequebook. Jeff will have a special selection of new gear with him to sell. Members will have their used gear yard sale items. And, of course, you could pay your membership dues if you haven’t looked after that yet ($20).



Our December meeting traditionally includes a table laden with delectable sweets. Please bring in a plate of  goodies to share. A few savoury items might be nice too. This should all be finger food. Please avoid things that could make a mess. Tim Horton’s coffee (decaf and regular), steeped tea, and bottled water will be provided. 


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