December 2017 Meeting Wrap-up

Presentation – Favourite Gear & Gadgets from Japan Camera

Jeff Evoy – distributed a free magazine to all members called
Photo News – members can get this magazine in the mail

Jeff dazzled us with many gadgets and gear which can be purchased in
his store.

□ Mono Pods & knuckles
□ Ipad mounts for tripod
□ Plastic bags which go over lens to protect camera from elements
□ Flash cover to focus flash beam
□ Cheaters – Popper flash to lighten dark spaces in a room and sockets
□ Light balance kits – soft box
□ Flash clamps – to bolt to trees, etc.
□ Adapter cord for flash to camera so flash communicates with camera without being attached
□ Radio Remote for flash – various prices, up to 120 feet away
□ Camera remote controls with timers
□ Releases with 8 foot extention
□ Macro Extension Tubes – set of 3
□ Harness Rigs – double and single
□ Grip Straps
□ Cleaning clothes and kits.

For Video

□ Pho Cam Stabilizer
□ Action Cams
□ Battery Reserves
□ Video Cam – HD Sunglasses – 1 hour of video or does stills
Other Gadgets

□ Binoculars
□ Calibrators for Screen and Printers
□ Macro Ring Light
□ Pop Up Reflectors
□ Gadget Bags
□ Swatches of colours for back grounds in studios

These items can be purchased online or in the store at Bell Front Centre

Jeff also informed us about classes they are offering

– Basic 1
– Basic 2
– seminars which will be starting in January

Japan Camera website

Our Members Favourite Gadgets and Gear

Clint – showed us
– a harness from Field and Stream which goes over the
– his mini tripod
– a Lowpro Bag

Harry – showed us some home made gadgets
– a frame for a diffusion panel made for plumbing pipes
and elbows and clamps
– a pool noodle with a slit down the side which will fit over
a car window to make an instant tripod
– a camera bracket with can be attached to a paint brush
pole for extension

Great Ideas, Guys!!!

Festive Feast

Our many thanks to all the members who brought delicious treats for us to munch on. Our members enjoyed them as we traded, sold and bought,
to and from other members who had set up tables with their extra gear.

The evening ended with Mike displaying the photos for our theme
Unusual Lighting. Critiques were appreciated.


Happy New Years to all and in 2017 may you take
may pictures, always have a full battery, an extra
memory card and a bright flash.

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