November 2018 Meeting

Next meeting Thursday, November 8, 2018

Loyalist College, Pioneer Building, Room P13 


Before the Meeting 6:00-7:30

Stop by the Parrott Gallery at the Belleville Library to an exhibition featuring our own member, Larry Tayler’s, photography. You can drop in and enjoy the open house before coming to our meeting. Only 7 minute drive from Library to Loyalist.

Special Guest Speaker: Bill Bickle 

An interest in nature was formed early for Bill. Photography as a hobby came later. Now both come together to produce beautiful images as he captures birds, animals and flowers in their natural surroundings.

It is the love of nature’s flora and fauna that stimulates Bill’s extensive research into habitat and characteristics of his subjects. Armed with this knowledge he then commands patience most would not endure, waiting for the ultimate posture, lighting and, sometimes surprising interaction that results in some of his most outstanding photographs.

Bill’s ability to anticipate action before it happens allows him to capture images that, for many, would be halfway out of the frame. The crisp clarity of his work allows those who only witness nature from a distance to realize the beauty of his specimens up close and personally. Perhaps even encouraging us to take a closer look ourselves next time we encounter nature’s gifts.

Many of Bill’s photography subjects are local inhabitants of the Quinte area. The blue herons, frequently photographed, make their home on the Moira River and at times seem to follow Bill from place to place, as if posing for the camera.

It is this combination of creativity and camaraderie with nature that provides a calm and rewarding harbour for Bill. And it is his dedication in search of engaging images that will continue to provide us all with a view of nature we may not otherwise experience.


Our theme this month is “Two Views” and the image upload album is open.

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Gallery Photographic Exhibitions

We currently have three photographic exhibitions taking place in local galleries and one more will be opening very soon. We would highly encourage you to visit these exhibitions.

Armchair Traveller Exhibition

Robert Baily

Parrott Gallery : Belleville Public Library



PhotoArt 2018 Exhibition

Napanee Photo Club

Lennox & Addington County General Hospital (Napanee)


Canada – Wildlife in Focus Exhibition

Bill Bickle

Lennox & Addington County Museum (Napanee)

Opening Reception October 16, 7:00

Heart & Soul Exhibition

Larry Tayler

Parrott Gallery : Belleville Public Library

Opening Reception November 8, 6:00 – 7:30



October 2018 Meeting

Next meeting Thursday, October 11, 2018

Loyalist College, Pioneer Building, Room P13 


Special Guest Speaker: Donna Edmonds 


All Lines Lead to Here

A one hour presentation on finding my photography style.

My interests are in both the creative and the technical aspects of photography. The unpredictability of the subject and light and the necessity to adapt the camera to the moment in every shoot is what keeps my active mind engaged.

Landscape, architecture, and anything with distinct shapes and colours seem to always be in my field of view. Lines and angles, reflections and symmetry, capture my interest first and if something a little quirky is thrown in all the better. The majority of my photos are within a two hour drive of my home. A lot of my images are of places that I am very familiar with but because of lighting and timing will never been seen or captured the same way again.

I will be speaking about how I continue to develop my photographic style and on researching, planning and executing many of my shots. I hope to inspire and entertain you with photos and stories of how and why I took many of my photos and to bring you along in my never ending photography journey.

Photography Exhibition

Our theme this month is “Green” and the image upload album is open.

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September 2018 Meeting

Next meeting Thursday, September 13, 2018

Loyalist College, Pioneer Building, Room P13 



  • New Equipment
    • Projector
    • Screen
    • Volunteers needed to be responsible for equipment.
  • Financial Update
    • Money Spent
    • New Expenses
    • Balance
    • Membership fees
  • Elections
    • Opportunity to nominate new officers
    • Program Committee 
  • Parrott Gallery Exhibition
    • Date change
  • Name tags
  • Member Slideshow
    • Gilles Bisson
  • How to Make Slideshows
    • Mike Gaudaur
  • Theme Image Critique

Our theme this month is “Summer Fun” and the image upload album is open.

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County Outings Opportunity

County Outings Photography Field Trip Opportunity

These trips are great fun and a wonderful chance to explore some of the lesser known parts of Prince Edward County. Several of our members participate. I have gone twice!

Quinte Photo Club Photographers

REMINDER that tomorrow, Saturday, August 4, is another chance to see the sunflowers in bloom, discover the one-lane unpaved roads of the South Shore, and take pictures of a variety of animals on a private farm. We have participants coming from Montreal and Toronto; meet and greet and talk about photography all day!

Besides the sunflowers, also on the agenda is a driving tour to see the wind turbines (love ’em or hate ’em) that are making headlines nationwide. They went UP amidst controversy and may be coming DOWN amidst controversy. We’ll likely bump into some members of Milford’s “Assembly of Gentlemen” who sit around at the store and argue pro- and anti-wind while sipping coffee together each morning.

We will also encounter the untainted shores of Lake Ontario, and good local food stops along the way including home-grown kettle (popcorn) corn. We may check out a photographic art gallery too during our 4-hours, maybe 5 excursion. Immerse yourself in photography, nature, and the authentic country side of Prince Edward County.

$45 to reserve send an Interac e-transfer to . Departing then parking lot behind Miss Lily’s Café at 9 a.m. in Picton.

Reserve by sending $45 Interac e-transfer to

Final “Parts Unknown” South Shore trip is next weekend on August 11. See for more details


June 2018 Meeting Reminders

Next meeting Thursday, June 14, 2018

Loyalist College, Pioneer Building, Room P13 


Our June meeting will feature Phil Norton, also known as the County Photographer. 

Lifelong photographer, writer and naturalist Phil Norton came to Prince Edward County from his apple-maple syrup farm in Quebec in 2007. Born in Pittsburgh and graduated with an environmental science degree at Penn State, he set off on a 10,000 km bicycle-camping tour which led him to Canada in 1979.

Alternating between documentary and artistic endeavours with camera and pen, he turned to teaching in 2012 and began leading “Photography & Fitness” outings throughout the Quinte Region. The twice-weekly walks and back roads treks with cameras quickly gained a loyal following. “County Outings” still offers visitors a gateway to the hidden gems, the places and to meet the Humans of PEC. In 2015 his small group travel series expanded to “Photography Adventures” taking photographers to all corners of North America-Alaska/Yukon, California coast, Southwestern deserts, Newfoundland, The Prairies and the Appalachian Mountains.

Those trips culminated in public exhibitions for Canada’s 150th anniversary. Norton curated two photography prints and multimedia shows with 30 photographers under the banner “The Canadian Adventure”. The shows incorporated live musicians, artists’ talks and food from all regions of Canada.

Norton’s work has been published in National Geographic Traveler, Canadian Geographic, Time, Harrowsmith and various regional magazines. He was a photographer for The Montreal Gazette, wrote Travel features, and helped produce the best-selling book “The Ice Storm” in 1998. He won two National Magazine Awards for his cover story exposés on maple die-back and acid rain. His ongoing “Energy Documentary” has carried him to the hot spots of climate change, fossil fuel, nuclear and renewable energy in many parts of the world.

For personal tutoring on camera and computer, for small group trips, and for upcoming gallery exhibitions, please find “County Photographer” and “County Outings” online.

Camera Sensor Cleaning

Douglas Banks will be on-site to clean your camera sensors and lenses. $20 per camera and $10 per lens. Please bring cash. It is very important that your camera battery is fully charged.

Parrott Gallery Photography Exhibition Submissions

Be sure to submit a sample of your photography so that you can be considered for inclusion in our club’s first public exhibition at the Parrott Gallery in the Belleville Library. Please note that the image you submit now does not have to be the one included in the exhibition, it just needs to be a sample of your work that indicates your skill and proficiency as a photographer.

Submit your images here.

Our theme this month is “Springing to Life” and the image upload album is open.

Parrott Gallery Submissions

This is just a friendly reminder to all members that Ted Pordham needs your Parrott Galley sample by June 30th. Your sample may be uploaded to our web page under Parrott Gallery submissions. Please note that this is not necessarily the picture you will display in November 2019 (yes, that date is correct- there’s a long lead time). The sample submission of your work will be reviewed by the Parrott Gallery, who will determine which photographers may display their work in Nov 2019. 

IMPORTANT: The subject of your submission is your full name.

June 2018 Meeting

Next meeting Thursday, June 14, 2018

Loyalist College, Pioneer Building, Room P13 


Our June meeting will feature Phil Norton, also known as the County Photographer. Phil is known for his wide variety of workshops, photo excursions with individuals or in groups, as well as his featured articles in several publications. To get view his biography and to get an idea of Phil’s diversity and talent, visit his web site:

Our theme this month is “Springing to Life” and the image upload album is open.

May 2018 Meeting

Next meeting Thursday, May 10, 2018

Loyalist College, Pioneer Building, Room P13 


Special Guest Speaker 

David Morrish

David will speak about his still life photographic work which began in the 1980’s and lead to his current interest in documenting objects and artifacts as part of his art practice. He will address how photography formed the basis for his collecting and current forms of art-making for 30 years. See his recent work at

Brief Biography

David Morrish—Retired Full Professor of Art at the Grenfell Campus of Memorial University of Newfoundland, having taught photography in the BFA-VA program from 1989 until 2016. M.F.A. (1985) University of Calgary, Alberta. BFA, Hons, University of Manitoba in Winnipeg (1981) He is co-author with Marlene MacCallum of Copper Plate Photogravure, Focal Press, 2003.

Morrish has exhibited traditional copper-plate photogravure prints since 1996, nationally and internationally: Japan, Taiwan, China, S. Korea, Thailand, Sweden, Ireland, USA, England, Italy, and Canada. Notable photogravure work includes portraits of distressed taxidermy and landscape panoramas of the limestone alvars of Newfoundland and Ireland. His artist’s limited-edition book-works, GAZE and DIED use copper-plate photogravure and letterpress under his imprint: DeadCat Press. DIED includes a rare four-plate CMYK color copper-plate photogravure. Recent research explores animal and human mortality, faux biography, provenance, collections, and the museum archive through the construction of an immersive Wunderkammer, The Lyric Cranium, that is the catalyst for on-going works on paper, video, artistamps, and other ephemera. For more, go to 

Morrish currently (2017) lives in Prince Edward County, Ontario, and has re-located his studio and print shop to continue DeadCat Press and Obelus Publishing.

There will be an extremely brief business meeting to update the club on progress towards acquiring new AV equipment, and to open the floor for nominations for executive positions.
We will round out the meeting with a review of our monthly theme images.

This month’s theme: Water Drops

Don’t forget to upload your images to our theme gallery on this website. 

April 2018 Meeting

Next meeting Thursday, April 12, 2018

Loyalist College, Pioneer Building, Room P13 


Special Guest Speaker 

Joseph Leduc

Fun Freestyle Photography

Joseph is a very talented professional photographer who has an incredibly wide range of photographic experience. This promises to be a very fun evening.

We will round out the meeting with a review of our monthly theme images.

This month’s theme: Elements and Principles

Don’t forget to upload your images to our theme gallery on this website.